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Autumn 1 – Windows, Mirrors & Doors

Collective Worship

This term encompasses the direction of Spirituality that we intend for our children and staff to go along through the Windows, Mirrors, Doors approach.

The pattern of worship has four elements of Welcome, Learning, Reflecting and Responding through this approach.

When everyone in the school has gathered, the candle is lit to signal the start of worship.

Symbolised by a window. The learning element is when the Bible text is ‘opened up’ using a particular creative medium.

Symbolised by the mirror. This element provides an opportunity for everyone to take time to consider how what they have heard, seen or felt has resonated with them or challenged them. For many centuries, stilling and centring have been central to Christian spirituality and in particular to prepare the heart and mind for prayer.

Symbolised by a door. This element is sometimes known as the ‘sending’ part of an act of worship. It provides an opportunity to consider how those present might want to respond to what they have experienced and step out (as if through a door) of their comfort zone.

This half term will focus on the Christian Values Hope, Dignity, Joy, Community, Wisdom, Peace:

Week 1 I am the Light of the World (John 8.12)
Week 2 Blessed are the peacemakers (Matthew 5.1-10)
Week 3 This is how you should pray (Matthew 6.9-13)
Week 4 Do not be worried (Matthew 6.25-28)
Week 5 Do not judge others (Matthew 7.1-5)
Week 6 Forgive others (Matthew 18.21-22)
Week 7 A tree is known by the fruit it bears (Luke 6.43-45)
Week 8 Love one another (John 13.34-35)
Pupil Voice:

“Using the windows, mirrors, doors analogy in worship is really good because it’s a time where you can reflect on what you’ve learnt about God.”

“It’s good because you can reflect on all the bad and good that you can do in the world and go through the door knowing how to do good.”

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