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Remote Learning

We will continue to offer remote education for pupils unable to attend school due to Covid-19.

If your child is off school due to illness, we will presume that they are unable to complete work from home. When they make a full recovery, they will return to school and resume their learning as usual.

However, there may be times when your child is off school due to Coronavirus and they’re actually fit and well. Examples of this would be when the child themselves have received a positive PCR test and are therefore having to self-isolate. In these circumstances, the school would expect your child to continue with their education. In order to provide every child with this opportunity, we are directing parents and carers to the National Oak Academy website through our school website.

 Schools are subject to the remote education temporary continuity direction and as such, are required to provide remote education to pupils who are unable to attend school due to Coronavirus-related absence. As long as our pupils are not physically unwell, they should be able to access remote education as soon as reasonably practicable, which may be the first full school day of absence.

In order to provide every child with this continuity in education, we are directing parents/carers to the National Oak Academy website recommended by the Department for Education. There, you will find a timetable of work which will enable your child to develop their key skills in all areas of their year group curriculum.

What is Oak National Academy?

Oak National Academy is an online resource which features over 10,000 online lessons. These lessons are planned by qualified teachers. The lessons are interactive with many featuring videos to introduce new content, online quizzes, worksheets and guidance for parents/carers. The work can be completed either online or by writing down into a notebook or on paper.

To access this resource, simply click on the link to the right which will take you to the Oak National Academy website. You will be asked to select your child’s year group and will then be provided with a schedule for learning for that day. You can also search by subject to access more curriculum content. All content is taught in line with the national curriculum and should be pitched at the correct level for your child. We recommend you follow scheduled lessons as they fall in line with our school curriculum plan and will complement/revise what we are learning in school.

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