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The Subject Intent (Reading)

The READING Curriculum, as Part of the Wider English Curriculum, at Forsbrook CE Primary School  

Reading is placed at the heart of, and permeates through, the full curriculum offer. All texts are deliberately chosen to promote British values and the diversity of modern Britain. Students are exposed to rich and varied texts written by a range of authors from diverse backgrounds in order to build pupil’s cultural capital and widen their world view. All texts reflect and reinforce the school’s values, including the word of God. In developing the skill of reading, children gain access to and develop a life-long love of reading. Non-fiction is a fundamental aspect of our reading curriculum, allowing pupils to interpret, synthesise and acquire knowledge as part of, and beyond the wider curriculum. The ability to read and interpret the written language is a fundamental skill. Reading impacts on a wide range of issues, including attainment, mental health, economic wellbeing and relationships. When teaching reading and associated reading skills, we aim to raise and sustain pupils’ levels of attainment and achievement in reading throughout the school by developing a number of attitudes and skills.  

The Subject Intent (Writing)

The WRITING Curriculum, as Part of the Wider English Curriculum, at Forsbrook CE Primary School  

At Forsbrook CE Primary School, our aim is to foster competent, confident writers. We recognise that writing is an area that should not be confined to literacy lessons alone, so opportunities are planned for children to write across the curriculum. Children write in the style of a whole range of genres and teachers plan opportunities for children to be able to vary the purpose, audience and form of their writing. We cater for a range of learning styles through a multitude of resources used to inspire our children’s creative minds: video clips, auditory recordings, trips, visitors, images, drama, talk for writing and high quality texts are some examples of these. Meaningful, real-life purposes for writing are encouraged wherever possible. Children are taught to discuss, plan, draft and edit their writing through teacher modelling and peer support.

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