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WHAT are we aiming for?

Our SCIENCE curriculum aims to create children who:

  • have inquisitive minds and a passion to explore the world around us
  • can ask and answer questions through experimentation and investigation
  • understand that our world is always developing through scientific discovery
  • have a good knowledge of science-based facts
  • understand and can use scientific vocabulary accurately


HOW do we achieve this?

Our SCIENCE curriculum focuses on two areas:

  1. Knowledge and understanding of science
  2. Working scientifically

Through weekly science lessons, children engage in a rich and broad science curriculum whereby the are given the tools to explore and investigate our world. They are equipped with knowledge and skills to understand the implications of science today and for the future.

As staff, we ensure the vocabulary taught is instilled in the children by providing STEM sentences and knowledge organisers. Their learning is often reinforced throughout the year to ensure they development of secure comprehension and confidence in their ability to communicate their expertise.

Science is further developed through STEM projects, for example, ‘Green Goblin go-karting’, and promoted through special events, such as science week.

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