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School Uniform

Why should children at Forsbrook CE Primary School wear our school uniform?

At Forsbrook CE Primary School, we believe that wearing the correct school uniform is an essential part of our school life as;

  • It can play a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of a school and setting an appropriate tone (DfE)
  • It instils a sense of pride and belonging within our wider community
  • It is inclusive and makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance and thus helps to support positive behaviour
  • It is both practical and smart

For these reasons, we expect that the correct school uniform is worn by all children at all times.

What does our school uniform consist of?
  • Grey skirt or tailored trousers, white shirt blouse, navy blue V-neck sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo or if preferred navy knitted V-neck jumper or cardigan, school tie (elasticated tie for Years 1 & 2, without elastic for Years 3, 4, 5, & 6). These are available to purchase from the school office.
  • Blue or yellow checked summer dresses can be worn during the summer months (summer term only).
  • Reception children to wear a plain white polo shirt with or without the school logo and do not need to have a tie.
  • Black school shoes not trainers or sandals. (Please avoid shoes that have high heels for health & safety reasons).
  • Grey tailored trousers, white shirt, navy blue V-neck sweatshirt with school logo or if preferred navy knitted V-neck jumper, school tie (clip on ties are available to purchase from the school office)
  • Reception children to wear a white polo shirt with school logo and do not need to have a tie. Black school shoes are to be worn, not trainers.
    P.E. Kit
    • School have a bespoke PE kit, which can be purchased from Schools In.
    • On PE days, children are permitted to wear this uniform for the full day so no changing is required in school.
    • There will be times when other items of kit or equipment will be required such as football boots, football socks, swimming kit. Swimming trunks (not Bermuda shorts type) swimming costume (one piece not bikini). Swim caps must be worn by all children. If your child is asthmatic, this must be red in colour. These can be purchased from the school office, if required.
      General Standards of Presentation


      • Children may wear a sensible analogue watch to school (no character watches).
      • Children may wear watches that count steps, as well as the time.
      • Watches that take photographs or are GPS/cellular enabled are not permitted.

      Please note: Although permitted, we would not recommend that children in the Early Years wear a watch of any kind.


      • ALL headwear should be school colours or natural hair colours and of a reasonable size.
      • No dyed, shaved lines or patterned hairstyles are allowed.
      • Ensure that hair, which is longer than shoulder length, is tied back at all times.
      • No excessive hair gel or unsuitable styles


        • For safety reasons, earrings in Reception are not allowed.
        • If earrings are worn in Y1-Y6, they must be small gold or silver studs.
        • In the interest of safety, children who are participating in physical activities must not wear earrings.
        • Staff will not be responsible for the removal, insertion or storage of earrings.
        • With written consent, children in KS1/KS2 may remove and store their own earrings.
        • Children wearing earrings on PE days will be asked to remove and store them personally.
        • If a child is unable to remove their earrings, they will be asked to cover them with a plaster.
        • The school will not be responsible for any injury or loss due to the removal or insertion of earrings.


        • Sun hat (after Easter onwards)
        • All day / once a day sun cream (applied before school)
        • Water bottle (juice is not permitted)

        All other items of uniform will be available directly from ‘Schools In’ in Meir.

         Accessibility to school uniform at Forsbrook CE Primary School

        We recognise the need to ensure that the uniform is affordable. We will therefore use any donated uniform to hold ‘good as new sales’ through PLUS – Our Pre Loved Uniform Shop. We encourage parents to donate any unwanted or pre loved uniform for this purpose.

        Forsbrook CE Primary School also recognises its obligations to accommodate reasonable requirements within the official school uniform and to ensure it is not discriminatory on the grounds of disability, gender, race, religion or belief. Please be aware that what is and is not acceptable will be decided by the school in line with this policy and with due regard to the Equality Act, 2000.

        Please note that by sending your child to Forsbrook CE Primary School, you are agreeing to ensure that you and your child/children abide by guidelines outlined within our School Uniform policy found here.

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