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Spring 1 – Lost and Found

Feb 16, 2024 | Year 1 2023/2024

This half term we set sail to the Southern Hemisphere to find out about penguins! We received a strange package into school. After much investigation we discovered that the parcel contained the penguin from the book ‘Lost and Found’.

We then created a story mountain with actions to retell the story. We then wrote a letter to a detective to ask for help; as we had received a strange egg-shaped object. We later discovered that it was a penguin egg.

In Science, after observing animals in real life at Peak Wildlife Park, we identified various animals and investigated the different animal groups. This unit included learning more about the human body and the 5 senses through a number of practical investigation lessons.

Our Geography unit enabled the children to discover more about their local area and look at the differences between an area that is urban and an area that is rural. The children went on to look at the different types of houses and carried out a survey in class to find out which house type was the most popular.

In Math’s over the spring term, we used practical resources and pictorial representation for number bonds within 10, including using the part whole model for the relevant addition and subtraction. We were very excited to launch our Mastering Number Parent Workshop this half term and have the support of the parents in teaching their child subitising.

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