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Summer 2 – The End of Our Year 4 Adventure!

Jul 25, 2023 | Uncategorized

Our English journey culminated with ‘The Lorax’ by Dr. Seuss, where we honed our skills in crafting balanced arguments on whether the Truffula Trees should be cut down for thneeds. After identifying the essential features of an argument and debating both sides, we were able to present a well-reasoned judgement.

In mathematics, we covered a range of topics. Starting with geometry and shape, we then delved into statistics, mastering pictograms, bar charts, tables, and line graphs to solve real-world problems. Finally, we explored the world of geometry, specifically position and direction, plotting points on grids and describing translations.

History lessons provided fascinating insights into the changes in children’s lives throughout time. We investigated spare time, children’s health, and work, with a particular focus on the significant transformation in working conditions. Learning about the lives of working children in Tudor and Victorian times was eye-opening, and Lord Shaftesbury’s impact on schools and working conditions left a lasting impression.

In science, we investigated living things and their habitats. The exploration of classification keys helped us group living things effectively. We had the opportunity to identify and name various living things in their natural environment, and we learned about the importance of recognising environmental changes and potential dangers to living beings.

Our artistic endeavours centred around ‘Festival Feasts’. We explored artists who make sculptures of food before drawing from still imagery. We used Modroc to make a shared sculptural feast and then presented our work in a ‘gallery’, enabling us to reflect on our creations.

Religious Education offered profound insights into faith and what it means to follow God. Through exploring the story of Abraham and understanding the link between the People of God and the way some Christians choose to live, we delved into the concept of covenant and its relevance in today’s world.

What a fun-filled, action-packed year we have had!

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