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Autumn 1

Nov 10, 2023 | Year 5 2023/2024

In Year 5, we kicked off with a captivating exploration of Aaron Becker’s fantasy picture book, “Journey,” delving into each scene with a focus on honing existing writing skills and acquiring new ones. Our enthusiasm soared as we crafted unique stories, employing descriptive language to dissect the intricacies of every page.

Guided reading sessions became a cornerstone, where we not only identified the hallmarks of fantasy texts but also delved into extracts from various fantasy novels. Leveraging the VIPER technique, we enhanced our comprehension skills, broadening our literary understanding. These sessions also became a gateway to expanding our worldly knowledge through scientific and geographical non-fiction texts, seamlessly integrating with our afternoon subjects.

In Maths, we solidified our grasp on numbers up to 1,000,000. Once we grasped a firm understanding, we used both written and mental strategies, to enhance our addition and subtraction. This mathematical journey provided a sturdy foundation for tackling numerical complexities, fostering a holistic development of our mathematical prowess in Year 5.

In Geography, we delved into the intricate layers and features of rainforests, mapping their global locations, with a particular focus on the Congo and Amazon. Our exploration didn’t stop there; we confronted the grim reality of deforestation, expressing our concerns in heartfelt letters to the prime minister, emphasising the critical role rainforests play in preserving our planet.

During Science, we embarked on a fascinating journey through the life cycles of diverse animals and plants. Drawing comparisons and distinctions, we honed our scientific prowess, providing well-founded justifications for our observations.

Art took us into the captivating realms of typography and maps, inspired by artists such as Louise Fili and Paula Scher. Strengthening our drawing capabilities through meticulous mark-making practice, we culminated our artistic endeavours in a unique project—crafting maps that reflected our individual selves, a fusion of creativity and personal expression that underscored our artistic growth in Year 5.

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