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Autumn 1 – From Frozen frontiers to first aid!

Nov 15, 2023 | Year 4 2023/2024

In Year 4, Autumn Term 1 has been a thrilling journey of exploration and learning!

Our literary adventure kicked off with the captivating ‘Race to the Frozen North’ by Catherine Johnson, and the remarkable tale of explorer Matthew Henson. Inspired by his extraordinary achievements, we began researching other intrepid explorers, before writing biographies that celebrated their awe-inspiring feats. Our second text, ‘The Lost Thing’ by Shaun Tan sparked our creativity, fuelling the creation of our own narratives and honing essential grammar skills. As aspiring wordsmiths, we eagerly entered the BBC 500 Words short story competition—fingers crossed!

In maths, we focused on place value and 4-digit numbers, whilst enthusiastically practising on Times Tables Rock Stars ahead of the Multiplication Tables Check in the summer term.

Our scientific exploits were delicious as we whipped up some tasty ice cream as part of our States of Matter study.

Geography led us on a virtual tour of North America, uncovering its diverse climates, countries, and human and physical features.

It was time to get arty as we delved further into the works of Shaun Tan and fellow illustrator Laura Carlin, culminating in our own vibrant illustrations for Lewis Carroll’s ‘The Jabberwocky’, crafted with charcoals and chalk.

RE lessons centred around Genesis as we considered what Christians have learned from the Creation story.

We even found the time to participate in First Aid training and now proudly take turns to deliver first aid assistance during break times.

Year 4’s Autumn Term 1 was an exhilarating blend of knowledge, creativity, and hands-on experiences—here’s to more exciting discoveries ahead!

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