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Spring 1 – Super Spring!

Feb 8, 2024 | Year 3 2023/2024

Short but action-packed has been the theme of our Spring term.

We have explored alternative endings in English by changing the ending to The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We have been multiplying and dividing in maths and learning new methods to complete trickier calculations.

In history, we travelled all the way back to pre-historic times learning about the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We now know about all kinds of metals and how they have impacted the way life has moved on. We found that Iron ore is found in rocks which was great as we explored ‘Rocks’ in our science unit. We created our own fossil moulds and leaned all about how fossils were created all those years ago.

In art, we found that we didn’t need paper to create something beautiful! We use cloth, thread and paint to create a meadow scene. We got to show these off during parents evening in the ‘Art Gallery’.

In R.E. we have been learning all about the Islamic faith. We loved learning about the ways that Muslims show their faith and how their faith and celebrations show great links to charity, family and sacrifice.

In computing, we have become perfect programmers using Scratch to understand how algorithms can make a programme and how each element of a Sprite can be controlled.

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