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Spring 1 – Vicious Volcanoes

Feb 13, 2023 | Uncategorized

Our spring term started with us exploring the earth and how volcanoes can form. We dug beneath the earths surface and learned about what is going on underneath and how this relates to volcanoes.

This linked perfectly with our science investigations which have explored all different types of rocks. Our art has led us to explore painting on cloth and using thread to create another dimension. This has linked well with our geography as we have use the earth’s landscapes as our inspiration for this. In RE, we have learned about Islam and made comparisons to our Christian faith. We have found there are lots of similarities between faiths and it has been lovely to explore another faith in depth. In Computing, programming has been our focus which has been particularly fin as we have learned to code our own musical instruments online.

In English, we have read The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and recalled grammar from earlier in the year to create an alternative ending to the story. We also use this book to help us explore instructional writing, creating instructions on how to repair a broken Iron Man.

In Maths, our learning has been all about length and converting metres to centimetres and centimetres to millimetres and vice versa. We have practice our place value knowledge during this unit as we investigate the relationships between the conversions.

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