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Summer 1 – From Digestive Discoveries to Delectable Displays

Jun 10, 2024 | Year 4 2023/2024

During the Summer 1 half-term, we delved into the inspiring tales of ‘Fantastically Great Women who Saved the Planet,’ sparking lively discussions on themes and conventions.

Drawing inspiration from ‘Alba The Hundred Year Old Fish’ in English, we crafted captivating information boards for an aquarium exhibit, enhancing our writing skills.

Our mathematical journey progressed from fractions to decimals, where we honed our division skills, including mastering the division of 1 and 2-digit numbers by 10 and 100. In Science, we explored the intricate world of animals, starting with teeth identification and venturing into the digestive system, complete with our own versions, albeit with some ‘eurgh’ moments.

Our geography studies took us to Rio and South-East Brazil, where we compared key facts about Brazil and the UK, broadening our global perspective. In RE, we reflected on the impact of Pentecost, both historically and in contemporary Christian practice.

Meanwhile, our computing sessions focused on unleashing our creativity through photo editing, and in Art, our Festival Feast-themed creations impressed during our collaborative exhibition, earning praise from Mrs. Cooke and Miss Sumner.

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