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Spring 2 – From Book Characters to Live Performances

Jun 10, 2024 | Year 4 2023/2024

Year 4 Stars Shine On, with River Adventures Along the Way!

This half-term was filled with exciting opportunities, starting with World Book Day. We dressed up as our favourite book characters and unleashed our creativity by crafting character mash-up comic strips. We continued our theatrical adventures by rehearsing and performing the Year 3/4 play, ‘Daniel in the Lions’ Den,’ allowing us to refine our performance skills.

In maths, we transitioned from completing a unit on measurement and finding the perimeter of various shapes to delving into fractions. We explored partitioning, counting, comparing, converting, and finding equivalents.

Expanding on our previous river studies, we embarked on a trip to investigate the local River Trent. We applied our knowledge of river features and conducted comparative studies at different points along the river, analysing data and species diversity.

In RE, we delved into how people mark significant life events and examined the differences in commitment ceremonies. Meanwhile, our computing lessons centred on data logging, where we collected and analysed data of a different sort.

In D&T, we put our understanding of electrical circuits to practical use by creating light-up cards for family members, seamlessly blending science and art skills.

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