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Summer 1 – Our Local Area

May 31, 2024 | Year 3 2023/2024

This term’s geographical learning brought us straight back home; to our local area.

We explored Forsbrook, the local landmarks, what makes Forsbrook special and the historical settlement and change that has taken place and continues to shape our village and surrounding areas. We used ordnance survey maps to explore this.

In English, we have explored biographies. We have been working in tandem with Mrs Collins to completing our Arts Award. We had to research a creative artist and lining to our Geography, we chose local artist Robbie Williams, Josiah Wedgwood and Clarice Cliff. We explored the structure of biographies and applied the correct grammar, using our research to complete the biography we created on our chosen artist.

In Maths, we have been learning about fractions, fractions of amounts and how to reason with fractions. We feel like chocolate bars and cake have sponsored this learning as we have used these to show that fractions show part of a whole. It’s been lots of fun to learn.

In RE, we have explored what it is like to be a person of God. We have delved into the Old Testament to unpick God’s promise to Noah after the great flood and how this applies to us as Christians today.

In Science, we have explored forces and magnets, learning that not all metals are magnetic and the magnetic field is an invisible force. We also learned about friction and put this to the test using Newton meters.

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