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Autumn 2 – Another Busy Half Term for Year 2!

Jan 8, 2024 | Year 2 2023/2024

Year 2 have had another busy term during Autumn Term 2 where we learnt all about what it is like to be a Hero or Heroine.

In our English lessons we uncovered the unlikely heroine that is Little Red in ‘The Last Wolf’ by Mini Grey. This fascinating text not only helped us to use adjectives and adverbs to add greater detail when creating our own ‘twisted’ fairy tale but supported us in understanding the actions that humans can have on an eco-system and the things we can do to offer greater support to our environment. We then when on to research and created detailed fact files all about our significant figure, Florence Nightingale.

In Maths, we worked hard to master addition and subtraction. We discovered that these calculations can be described in many forms as we have learnt new vocabulary. We discovered that addition and subtraction have a relationship and we explored the inverse relationships and the commutativity that addition holds but subtraction doesn’t.

In History, we unpicked our enquiry question in many ways. We have explored the differences in schools from the past and compared them with schools today. Also, we learnt why the 11th November is significant and the importance of remembering those who fought for our country during the war. We had the opportunity to join a Remembrance service at our local church to show our respect and to remember the heroes.

During our Religious studies we explored the Christmas story in many ways and investigated why Christmas is important to Christians. We performed our very own version of the story where we joined forces with Year 1 to showcase our acting and singing talents through our Fireside Nativity. We also visited St Peters Church where we learn about the act of worship and located various significant items within the church,

During this term we also enjoyed Christmas lunch with our friends and enjoyed a Christmas treat of a snow globe followed by yummy hot chocolate. We also had a special visit from the big man himself who told us the story of Christmas and gave us an early Christmas gift.

We have also completed a Design and Technology unit where we explored wheels and axels to design, make and evaluate a moving trolly for the Christmas Elf.

What an action-packed, fun-filled term it has been! We look forward to sharing more magical moments with you next half term.

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