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Spring 1

Feb 16, 2023 | Uncategorized

Peter Pan

Following the whole school theatre trip to watch amazing production of Peter Pan the Year 1 children have been busy exploring this wonderful tale across a range of curriculum subjects.

In English the children have encountered a wide breadth of vocabulary through word association games; they engaged in writing a range of questions for the Captain Hook, looking at question words and using the correct punctuation; the children wrote a diary entry in the voice of the Peter Pan which then all lead to the writing of the story using the first to final draft to upskill their writing.

In Music the children learnt about dynamics and applied their newly taught skills to retelling the story using instruments effectively through the emotions of the script. Art saw the skills of using different techniques to add pattern when drawing the various scenes of the story, such as fading, stippling, hatching and scumbling.

Lost and Found

The spring term continued as we set sail to the Southern Hemisphere to find out about penguins! We received a strange package into school. After much investigation, we discovered that the parcel contained the penguin from the book ‘Lost and Found’. We then created a story mountain with actions to retell the story. We then wrote a letter to a detective to ask for help; as we had received a strange egg shaped object. We later discovered that it was a penguin egg.

In science, we observed the seasonal changes, experimented with objects that float and sink and identified and named many everyday materials.

In math’s over the spring term we used practical resources and pictorial representation to represent and describe number bonds including addition and subtraction and much more.

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