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Spring 2

Mar 22, 2024 | Year 6 2023/2024

This half term, Year 6 explored the fascinating world of the Ancient Greeks.

We compared what life was like in Athens and Sparta, learned about the gods and goddesses who shaped people’s beliefs and daily lives, and delved into the minds of brilliant thinkers like Socrates, Plato and Aristostle – appreciating their contributions to philosophy.

In English, we read a range of Greek Myth quests and then planned and wrote our own stories with heroic characters taking on a brave adventure to conquer a terrible beast! We loved sharing these with other year groups.

In Maths, algebra became less scary as we cleverly solved equations and explored patterns. We also learned how to find the area, perimeter of 2D shapes and volume of cubes and cuboids.

In computing, we created our own games using Scratch and learned how to use variables to make a score counter and a timer.

We also celebrated our final Mothers’ Day workshop at primary school, enjoying spending time crafting with our loved ones

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