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Spring 2 – What a performance!

Apr 19, 2023 | Uncategorized

This half-term, our class text, ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’, was written by Year 4s’ significant Christian figure.

Through Anne’s diary entries, we discovered what it was like to be a child in hiding during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands while exploring the key features of a diary, which we will be putting to use in the summer term. We had an opportunity to consider many other texts as we celebrated World Book Day too, while dressed as our favourite characters.

Our maths’ focus has been on length and perimeter, converting between kilometres and metres, working out missing lengths and finding the perimeter of rectilinear shapes. We have also been flexing our fraction skills.

In our history lessons, we examined the enquiry question: ‘Vikings – Raiders or Settlers?’ We saw past the stereotypical images of Vikings in today’s media and popular perceptions, to consider why reality may have been distorted and the significance of archaeological evidence in determining our opinion.

We were invited to the Methodist church to participate in a series of ‘Easter labyrinth’ activities which saw us journey through Jesus’ time on the cross and the days until he rose again – providing plenty of food for thought at Eastertime.

The half-term culminated with our Y3/4 production of ‘You are special’. The modern-day parable helped us to realise the key values of acceptance and self-worth and was the perfect message to share with the whole school and our families.

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