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Summer 2 – The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch

Jul 18, 2023 | Uncategorized

Our Summer term continues in Year 1…

Over this half term we have been exploring the story of the Lighthouse Keepers Lunch. The children have been retelling the story through drama techniques, such as ‘freeze fames’ and ‘conscious alley’ which helped them when they redrafted the ending of this fictional tale. The children were tasked with writing an ending that focused upon ways of tricking the seagulls and stopping them stealing Mr Grinling’s delicious lunch.

From this tale we engaged in thought provoking discussions about the importance of the lighthouse and debated what would happen if there were not any. The children quickly recognised the moral duty of the lighthouse keeper, this being to keep the light shining brightly for the safety of those at sea. This led us onto learning about the historical hero Grace Darling where the children were truly inspired by her actions as they created a fact file about her.

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