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Autumn 1 – Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Oct 19, 2022 | Uncategorized

We cannot believe we have completed our first half term in Year 5 already!

The impact on our learning journey so far has been incredible! Building on the foundations of previously taught learning we have absorbed a great deal of new knowledge and skills.

In English, we have acquired a range of new writing skills including relative clauses and parentheses using commas, dashes and brackets. In addition, we have learnt to incorporate semi-colons into our writing alongside the introduction of modal verbs. After several weeks of enthusiastically practising our new skills, writing narrative pieces on our class text ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker, we combined all of newly learnt grammatical features (alongside previously taught skills) to produce a final piece on the follow up picture book “Quest”.

In Maths, we have extended on our prior knowledge, completing two units of work- Place Value and Addition and Subtraction. The range of problem solving questions involving all elements of Power Maths, alongside the use of representations, have increased our confidence and flexibility when exploring the most efficient ways of calculating our answers both mentally and using a written method.

During the afternoons we have engaged in a variety of amazing subjects.

Science, Geography, Art, Computing!

In Geography, we have learnt so much about rainforests. We have learnt: what a rainforest is, the different layers and characteristics of a rainforest (most specifically the Congo) and the impact of deforestation.

In Computing, we completed the unit – Computing systems and networks- The Internet. We applied our knowledge and understanding of networks, to evaluate online content and decide how honest, accurate, or reliable it is, and understand the consequences of false information.

In Art, we developed new drawing skills- focusing specifically on typography and maps. We explored various artists who use such skills themselves and learnt how the importance of mark making is visually powerful.

Our Science unit this half term was ‘Living things and their processes’. Children have learnt to work collobatively and engage in meaningful discussions as they develop a richer vocabulary and understanding of plants and animals. We’ve used our work scientifically skills to research and investigate various life cycles. This has led to further questioning and given us the ability to reflect on our findings.

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